Adult Therapy

555937660Lots of different things might have brought you here.

Maybe it’s a specific issue like childhood trauma, anxiety, or depression.

Or perhaps it’s a new neurodivergent diagnosis like ADHD or autism.

It could be a life transition that makes it feel impossible to keep up at home, work, or school.

Or you might have a limited support system and just need to talk to someone about what’s on your mind.

Whatever the reason, we’re here for you on your journey!

The struggle is real…

Adults can have a decent amount of coping skills. Teenagers generally don’t have quite as many. And children have less than that.

You might know how to distract yourself when anxious thoughts start to hit. You’ve got that one down pat. Distraction just kicks the can down the road. Before you know it, you’re back to where you were, wondering what’s going on with you.

Maybe you have some regulation skills you’ve picked up along the way or from past therapy sessions. They taught you how to breathe and calm the storm, but they didn’t get to the part where you could snuff out the thoughts before they became feelings that felt like reality, no matter how much your rational self tells you that it’s not.

Perhaps you’ve just always felt different from others.

You know how to fake it and hide the “real” you from others. Your struggles are your own. Your anxiety only comes out in your awkwardness or avoiding too much social time because it’s so taxing physically and emotionally.

You’ve had a hard time embracing who you truly are in front of others. People can be hard to connect with, and you’ve learned to keep them at arm’s length. You don’t have many friends, relationships have been challenging, and it’s hard to relate.

Maybe you’re a young adult, trying to figure it all out – a student, terrified of the future, trying to decide what to do for the rest of your life, and feeling uncertain about every step you take. There can be decisions to make about scholarship deadlines, moving out, school or work choices, relationships, and family demands.

1891602919It’s probably been a long road to get here.

Most people don’t jump right into therapy. They do everything they can think of to solve the problem themselves.

You’ve done your Internet research; talking to friends, family, and partners; and used the same coping skills that USED to help. Still, nothing has brought the relief you hoped for.

The problem is… by the time you get to the point of seeking help, so much has already happened.

Your emotions are on a tripwire. Your stress is leaking out onto everything you see and do.

You’re not sure if anyone can help, but the truth is, just as your gut is trying to tell you, there’s always that one thing, however elusive, that you haven’t tried yet. You might feel like you have no choice but to reach out. And we are right on the other side of that phone. Often an outside person can help share space with your view and help tilt it on its side for a slightly different angle. When that happens, you often see things you hadn’t before because you can expand beyond your filter.

1949411464What is individual therapy for adults like at Nurtured Hope?

It’s a safe space…

Spilling your guts to a stranger is hard. The first thing we always do is work on relationships. We want you to feel comfortable, heard, validated, and seen for who you really are.

It’s dynamic…

This isn’t “uh huh” therapy. The number one complaint we hear about past therapy experiences from our clients is that they didn’t get feedback or suggestions. They were allowed to vent, they were heard, and then the session was over.

That’s only one part of what we do. We get into the work and brainstorm with you. You get the skills. You get quality feedback. You get to healing!

It’s strengths-based…

There’s nothing that’s wrong with you that what’s right with you won’t fix.

That means you’re not broken. It means that, like every other human being on earth, you have times when you do well and times when you don’t. At Nurtured Hope, we believe everything we do is a type of experiment. In other words, every action we take is a step toward information gathering (no matter how it turns out). If there’s a part of you that believes you’re always “failing,” we’re going to work with you to tap into those exceptions to that rule or belief. “We do as well as we can” is a philosophy we truly live by.

It’s collaborative…

Therapists are not dictators. We don’t tell people what they’re going to do, how they’re going to do it, or what areas we’re going to cover because we think it’s best. Sure, we share our thoughts and will work with you on a roadmap, but it’s just a menu of sorts. No one knows you as you do, and we honor what your gut tells you about where you should go and what you’re ready for.

It’s challenging…

We may be breaking through protective patterns you’ve spent a lifetime establishing for yourself in the name of defense. We’ll get to know parts of yourself you may not even know exist. And we will be there with you every step of the way to hear where you want to go, when you do, and where and how you want to take the breaks that ensure feeling safe the whole way through. 

It’s evidence-based…

We won’t suggest unproven therapy models here (though we listen and support anything working for you). Everything we do is backed by research and years of professional experience, so you can trust in the process and the space you’ve chosen. We feel therapy is an art with multiple tools and materials to choose from, and we are dedicated to finding what works best for you. Our favorite expression regarding your healing journey is to guide and support you through a fully individualized, clear, feasible, and efficient path.

It’s goal-directed…

Where are we going? What are we doing? What direction should we head in now?

We follow your lead and are conscious of your path. We want you to feel accomplished during your sessions. Everyone has different goals. Some seek a space to process, while others seek more concrete strategies or relief. What you choose is what you need in that moment. We will help you be mindful of your therapeutic choices, so you feel comfortable and productive with the time you’ve spent and not wish you were using your time in different ways.

It respects you as the expert on your life…

Again, no one knows you as you do. You know where you feel strongest and also where you struggle. We might help you look at things from different angles or to evaluate aspects of your experience in novel ways, but we never tell you who you are or what’s best for you.

It provides you with the support you need

Many adults coming to us have never been heard or seen. They often grew up being told their feelings were exaggerated, their expectations for support from others were too high, and their hurts weren’t that bad. Traumatic experiences were often minimized, and struggles and requests for help were often met with frustration from parents. Frustrations so intense that when many of these adults were children, they learned it was safer to silence their challenges or that no matter how they exploded, help was not coming to them.

We know your voice matters and deserves to be heard. Your feelings, needs, perspective, and very way of being are all valid. We will help you challenge the voices in your head that may suggest otherwise. We will support you in vocalizing your message to others or expressing boundaries that are often so hard to set. We will validate, honor, and celebrate all the parts of you that may have felt shut down by the outside world.

You don’t have to go through this alone.

Therapy is a lot like tattoos used to be. Many people had them, but no one talked about them… or they kept them hidden until enough people started to show them in the open that they became mainstream.

To previous generations, therapy was something for “people who couldn’t handle their problems” or “weren’t strong enough.” But that’s not true. Therapy is now a mainstream solution to so many needs. In fact, every year, one in five Americans goes to therapy!

Don’t wait. Now is the time. It’s YOUR time.

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