Breathing through Depression

If you feel you need immediate help, please call 988 or text HOME to 741741 for suicide and crisis support offered 24 hours a day.

2107510541The smiles seem so far away now.

All the laughing and jostling…

The friendly joking back and forth…

It all seems so draining. It takes so much effort… and now, you’re just tired. You don’t want to “people” anymore.

You’d rather just sleep all morning, nap in the afternoon, or zone out instead of doing the things you know you need to do.

It’s so much easier not to do anything…

Or figure out what to do…

Or think about what to do first…

Or know how to do it…

When everything feels like “too much”…

Getting dressed, eating meals, or showering… self-care feels like a chore.

For most with depression, the only time you feel awake is at night… and that’s when all the thoughts about what you’re not getting done in life fill your mind. And, of course, that’s when you attack yourself for having let another day go by without even starting on them.

It’s an endless cycle of your mind and body “checking out”… and then panicking at the consequences… which makes you want to check out again!

Sometimes the only “solution” you see is not caring about anything.

546242338And on top of all that…

Do you feel like you feel and absorb everything?

The intensity of emotion can wash over you like waves of pain or pressure. The noise is deafening, and it hurts. You want it all to stop.

You’ve probably stopped talking to people about it, fearing another of their trite solutions…

“Take a vacation!”

“Do something that makes you happy.”

“Hey, I have a book I think will help.”

But you feel like you’ve already tried everything, and nothing’s worked. Besides…

Do you even have the energy to try something else?

Aren’t you afraid of yet another disappointment?

Do you even remember what makes you happy anymore?

1408495376Do you think about where it all started?

Maybe you’ve felt this sadness your whole life. You have childhood photos of a perpetually serious face with eyes that tell so many tales, but all you were ever told was that you didn’t have anything to feel sad about.

Or you’ve had moments where it felt like you could do anything you set your mind to – periods where you create things, brainstorm, and experience unfettered joy. But those times always come to a crashing halt, and the highest highs you feel in those moments can quickly flip to the lowest lows.

We can be born with higher sensitivity or a lack of “rose-colored glasses.”

We might experience trauma, and “surviving through it” wears us down over the years.

We can shuffle between anxiety and depression so much that we don’t know what we feel more of.

We might be autistic or ADHDers who have to fight through restrictive societal judgments on what seems like an hourly basis.

Depression is the breakdown that comes from exhaustion and disappointment.

It can be what happens when we feel we are always fighting and are too worn down to keep it up.

It can come from hormone fluctuations, like when we have a baby.

It can come from the perception that everyone depends on you, and the demands never stop.

The sensitivity and neurodivergence aren’t the challenges; it’s the struggle of pulling ourselves out of what feels like quicksand or an avalanche of emotion.

606744683Perhaps you’re the mother of a child…

… who speaks of an emptiness beyond their years – who says things that frighten you in their finality or refuses to tolerate what they feel is “too much.”

You may be trying to decipher whether they really mean what they’re saying because they seem too young to have such big feelings. You don’t know what could have happened to create such angst and worry.

And you’ve probably received mixed messages, with some telling you to ignore all that sad talk and others telling you to get help.

You want your child to have a safe space to talk about it all.

You want to take it all away from them and feel it for them.

But you don’t know what to do or how to help them.

1326693035Sadness, hopelessness, and numbness…

Some feelings make it difficult or impossible to meet other challenges in your life, and we know you want something to MAKE IT STOP.

It can be hard to talk to friends when you don’t want to annoy them. Sometimes, we realize we don’t have friends, and the isolation makes the emptiness feel like it could go on forever.

Plus, talking doesn’t seem to make the feelings go away.

What if all you had to do was turn on your device?

At Nurtured Hope, we want to create a safe space with you – a gentle and nurturing place where you can get the support you need… all from the comfort of home.

We have no judgment or expectations for you… only support. We’re all about listening, but we’re also about invitation and curiosity.

You’ve been feeling bad for long enough; we’re not here to make you feel worse. You’ve likely been hard enough on yourself for the whole world; you don’t need guilt or shame.

You need fuel, calm, breath, and gentle movement. We are here to see and hear you – to notice when you feel ready to move.

There is a path to solace and joy…

When you find safety, connection, and hope, your depression will lose its intensity. That’s when you’ll be able to develop strategies that support you through your most intense feelings.

Your creative and empathetic parts might be providing the passion that drives your depression. Once you determine what’s at the source of your internal rhythms (e.g., trauma, neurodivergence, high sensitivity, or life transitions), you can redirect the adrenaline fueling the negative self-talk. You can then channel it into creative pursuits, more encouraging self-talk, or movement.

Sometimes, it’s about accepting all our parts and figuring out how to be gentle with ourselves when we struggle. We will help you look at those parts, find the source, and nurture within you a “felt sense” of safety. When our nervous system is able to calm, when we can leave behind that feeling of shut-down, that’s when we’re able to explore skills for preventing and tolerating the big feelings.

Finally, IF you decide to, we can address trauma you’ve experienced (whether from childhood or more recently).

Ultimately, our work together is about helping you rediscover joy!

2018571389We respect YOU as the expert on your life.

You know your needs, and we’re all ears. You know yourself and what works for you. We want to collaborate with you, leveraging that knowledge to your benefit.

We don’t use any intervention that positions us as authoritarians in your life experience.

As we work together, we’ll use a variety of approaches that address both the negative THOUGHTS of depression and the painful effects it has on your BODY.

We’ll look at everything – distress tolerance, emotional regulation, and the effects of trauma – to help you get to the other side of depression.

We understand that depression is a vortex.

We’ve been supporting folks trapped in the endless cycle of depression for over 20 years, so we know it’s about making it through the day… and breathing through the next day.

We would be honored to move through this raw space of emotion with you as a team. You don’t have to do this by yourself anymore, and you don’t have to pretend.

We honor you for moving closer to the phone and reaching out…

… because each move is a step, and each step moves you closer to where you want to be.

Let us move with you. Call us today for a free consultation: (786) 401-5603.