Re-Energizing Maternal Burnout and Lost Identity

1070964473If you don’t make it happen, it won’t get done.

That’s why you’re the one who’s always organizing schedules, making lunches, caring for infants, refereeing sibling conflicts, problem-solving, delegating responsibilities, and protecting your children from your partner… and your partner from your children.

There’s no sick time, no break time, no snack time, no nap time… and certainly no self-care time.

Whether you’re doing it all yourself or trying to agree with your partner about what’s “too much” or “not enough” in terms of the house, the kids, and the responsibilities… it’s draining. It’s taking everything you have to give.

When it’s time to sleep, you collapse (sometimes on top of the children). And when others remind you to take care of yourself, you give a half-hearted nod and laugh.

1606546576Caregiver burnout is often invisible.

Outdated gender roles tell us that women are supposed to feel fulfilled with children, a partner, and a home to take care of.

But sometimes we’re exhausted from working all day…

… or from negotiating ever-changing parenting approaches…

… or from trying to keep up with a house that looks like tornadoes sweep through it every day.

We’re often overwhelmed, burnt out, sinking, and panicked… and with everyone else’s needs coming first, we can’t catch our breath long enough to recuperate.

We get a laugh from social media memes poking fun at a parent going to the bathroom to hide from their kids or retreating to the closet to eat a snack…

But there’s a disconnect between public humor and the despair welling up silently inside.

2072759612“Mommy, mommy, mommy…”

When you’re a “mommy” or “partner” 24 hours a day, it can be hard to remember anything about yourself outside of those roles. Fielding one responsibility after another, you can completely lose sight of who you are.

Others may tell you to go and do something for yourself, but you fear your home would implode if you did. You’d probably worry that your kids needed you… or have to answer calls from your partner asking where something is or how to manage the kids.

And even if you could leave… would you even know WHAT to do? What DO you like to do??

Of course, you love your children, but you’re exhausted… and you need SOMETHING for yourself. It’s uncomfortable to have to answer the question…

“Who am I??”

Re Energizing Img 4At Nurtured Hope, we get it.

We’re specialists in children AND their caregivers!

We understand what happens when you use up all your emotional resources and the guilt that comes when you end up snapping or blowing up at the little ones who mean the most to you.

When we sacrifice, and sacrifice… and SACRIFICE… the paltry remaining fumes aren’t enough to do what it takes to take care of our families AND ourselves fully.

But there is a path to healing, and it recognizes YOUR worth, too.

You’ve probably imagined self-care for yourself or seen others doing it… but it feels impossible. But it’s not. It’s possible (even critical) to find creative spots like taking a breath or stretching.

It might mean permitting yourself to have that counseling session each week. Maybe we can take that breath with you!

We help you identify and advocate for your right to enjoy those mindful spaces. And as you start to feel yourself again, we’ll give you strategies to help you establish boundaries, assert your voice, and foster inner calm for you and your child.

When you feel good about and re-embrace who you are as an individual, your body will regain a feeling of balance and you will feel better able to regulate your own emotions as well as support your children in coregulating theirs. And THAT is when you will be the best anchor you can be for your children and your entire family.

Processing your hurts, rediscovering yourself, and experiencing calm and joy… that’s the best thing you can do to put your children first!

Let’s put you on the path to healing…

Let us help you unearth who you are under all the roles, demands, and expectations.

You deserve to be seen, too!

Give us a call for a free consultation today: (786) 401-5603.