Parenting Resources

This page is divided into two sections. The first section is a collection of videos from practitioners with views complementary to ours. In the second section, there are multiple links for parents of children with autism who are seeking certain types of providers, as well as links for state-specific resources in both Florida and Indiana.

The following clips are from pioneers in our field whose philosophies and practices complement our own.

They are current, evidence-based, humanistic, and collaborative in their approaches. What you see here are clinicians whose work is in line with what we believe at Nurtured Hope, and it is our hope you can learn from them as much as we have.

Mutually respectful parenting approaches work inclusively across neurodivergence.

Dr. Greene explains the philosophy behind collaborative problem-solving and why behavior programs can be risky.

Dr. Landreth discusses the nature of relationships with children in times of crisis:

More from Dr. Landreth on the principles of Child-Parent Relationship Therapy and not trying to be the perfect parent:

Conscious discipline for parents and an introduction to the three states:

Teaching various breathing techniques to young children:

Star breathing from Conscious Discipline – another simple, practical breathing technique for children:

Implementing Conscious Discipline with Older children:

Connecting with children using “I love you” rituals:

Five incredibly fun self-regulation games:

Greg Santucci explains how regulation impacts behavior and ways we can move away from fear-based strategies with children:

Autism Parent Resources

Certified AutPlay Providers:

Certified FloorTime Providers:

Play Project providers:

Florida-Specific Parent Resources

Scholarship information for funds to assist with school and therapy:

Indiana-Specific Parent Resources

How to Apply for the Medicaid waiver:

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