Group Skills and Support

When you see how others are struggling just like you…

It can make all the difference in the world…

… because the loneliness and alienation of feeling like you’re the only one not measuring up can be too much to bear.

Those feelings can easily escalate into hopelessness and isolation.

620776661There are other benefits to group therapy, too.

It can supplement your therapy.

Maybe you would like mindful and concrete tools to nurture family connection and communication. You might want to do all you can to support your children at home and expand on what they may be getting in their play therapy sessions.

Child-Parent Relationship Therapy groups are a wonderful way for parents to work simultaneously with their children. While these skills can be worked on during individual sessions as a family component, group sessions are separate and require no balancing of individual session time.

Similarly, our Hot Mess Moms and ADHD groups allow skills of self-care, executive functioning, and support to be worked on outside of individual session time, separating skills and peer validation from more individualized goals.

It’s more affordable.

Group rates are often comparable to the cost of an insurance copay, making groups often more accessible, even without insurance.

Group members are often shocked to realize that others have similar challenges and experiences. It is so easy to put ourselves down and believe we are the only ones who struggle as much as we do with juggling various tasks or processing emotions, no matter how big or small. Those crippling feelings of over-accountability and “not being good enough” can leave us isolated and hopeless.

Groups are an incredible path to the awareness that our difficulties, whether getting our kids to brush their teeth or maintaining a relationship as a neurodivergent adult, is a shared human experience. When we listen to someone else vocalizing what has felt so hard for us, it also reduces and challenges any inner voice trying to shame us into believing we “should” have been managing “better.”

It’s no longer just us struggling. We now have evidence that others have felt similarly, too.

1694685136Ever wonder what it’s really like?

Groups often become a valued, safe space.

Because everyone meets up with us before their start date, we confirm that current group topics will likely support your needs, and you can ask any questions you like. Members will either be simultaneously receiving individual therapy, have received it previously, or are at a place where the group will be considered sufficient support for their current needs.

At Nurtured Hope, our virtual groups are kept small and will be no larger than six members, so we can genuinely connect and see and hear everyone’s contributions. Each member is valued and considered equally able to contribute strengths and solutions that have worked for them.

Groups are inclusive and fully collaborative. Members are welcome to join at their level of readiness, though they will be seen and invited to share. Please feel free to contact the group guide with any special accommodations that will make the group more comfortable for you as an individual member (e.g., to call or not call on someone).

526817902Our current group offerings…

Please notify us of your interest, and we’ll place you on a waitlist until we have enough participants for each group’s term.

Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT) Group

It can feel like you’re the only parent who struggles daily to get your kids to brush their teeth. It feels like every single request becomes an argument.

Your friends don’t seem to struggle this hard. They can go out with THEIR kids to eat out or to have playdates.

Our Child-Parent-Relationship Therapy group educates parents in the same skills play therapists use – skills that increase self-regulation, connection, tolerance, and respect of family members.

CPRT skills are an incredible foundation for resolving family conflicts and increasing personal feelings of parental competence – so much so that many past members call it “miraculous.”

This skill-building group features many practice activities and draws from a manual written by Dr. Gary Landreth, a pioneer in the field of parent-child connection. Each parent will receive a workbook and be invited to contribute video or home experiences to work from, if desired. It is a closed ten-week group that runs for 90 minutes each week. The day is to be determined each cycle, but it will either be a day on the weekend or a weekday evening.

Hot Mess Mom’s Group

It feels like you’re the anchor for the whole family. You are the paragon of motherhood, never getting sick or even going to the bathroom without someone pleading for your help. You’re juggling so much that everything feels like a mess, and it’s all on your shoulders.

But others don’t seem to have the same trouble managing. They seem to find time for grooming, house cleaning, family connection, etc., and you’re trying to remember to brush your kid’s hair (or even your own). Maybe you can appreciate who you are, but you feel judgment around every corner.

Join other moms… and let’s be a mess in tandem and celebration! We’ll share each other’s strengths, learn to assert boundaries, and identify strategies for coping with what often seems like an impossible juggling act.

In this group, we’ll laugh at the ironies and disasters we often bear in silence when alone. This will be an ongoing, open group that runs for one hour each time. New members may join at any time. The group frequency will be weekly or monthly, depending on the group members that cycle. The day is to be determined each cycle, but it will either be a day on the weekend or a weekday evening.

Adult ADHDers Group

Maybe you’ve gotten your career where you want it, but heaps of paperwork and neverending tasks make it feel difficult to hold onto. The responsibilities and expectations are overwhelming, and it’s hard keeping up.

Or maybe you’ve just received your ADHD diagnosis and realize it might be why routine responsibilities like cleaning, grooming, and phone calls seem so difficult.

It probably seems like others don’t struggle this much – that they’re not tripped up by things like initiating projects, transitioning from one task to another, or completing multiple tasks in a day.

In this group, we adult ADHDers (the group is led by one!) will come together to appreciate our quirks and share strategies to boost executive functioning, embrace personal acceptance, and override the impact of various challenges. This group will run for one hour each week. The day is to be determined each cycle, but it will either be a day on the weekend or a weekday evening.

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