Soothing Anxiety, Worry, and Panic

618085094The thoughts just won’t stop.

They keep you busy… or they freeze you up.

They keep you in bed… and keep you up at night.

Do you even remember when it started?

The worry?

The fear?

The never-ending feeling of being on edge?

The self-doubt and criticism never let up.

It’s the way you look… or the way you dress.

It’s the opportunities you missed… or how you messed up when you DID seize the day.

1221456484The panic attacks paralyze you.

When you’re not worrying, you’re worried about why you’re not worrying!

The intensity mounts, choking you into an emotional meltdown.

“Get me out of here now!”

Maybe you’re being watched.

Does it feel like everyone is focused on you – like they’re examining how you hold your head… your arms?

Are you painfully aware of how your expressions might seem strange to others – like you can’t position yourself right?

Does it seem like others are laughing or judging you all the time?

When you have social anxiety, you critique everything coming out of your mouth and struggle to listen to a single word that others are saying because you’re so focused on what you just said or did that was “wrong.”

It feels like you live under a social microscope that keeps you from fully living.

275257538Do you see these things in your kids?

It’s so much for a little one… worrying about the future and potential disaster looming around every corner.

Your little one may complain of stomach aches and not want to go to school anymore.

They tell you no one wants to play with them… or that the teacher is always mean.

They cry easily, and sometimes it seems like they can’t catch their breath.

They look like they’re falling apart, breaking your heart.

It feels like you’ve tried everything to make it stop.

You’ve tried charging headfirst into things… and avoiding anything that feels too much.

Maybe you’ve done therapy in the past but only received partial relief. You may be more aware of your anxious thoughts and feelings now, but the skills you were taught aren’t as effective as you wish they were.

Or maybe you’ve never been to therapy for fear of being judged. You know how silly that sounds, but it’s kept you from looking until now.

You’re ready for yourself… and for your kids. You want them to have someone to talk to – someone with child-friendly ideas about what they can do to feel safe again. But you don’t want to take them somewhere where someone is going to sit them on a couch and act like they’re a grown up.

Anxiety, worry, and panic are the main issues we see in therapy.

At Nurtured Hope, we always strive to understand above all else.

That’s why we listen.

You’ve tried to explain to others what it’s like to worry about worrying. They may have given you some basic advice like “don’t worry so much” or something similar. We don’t do that here.

The first thing we do is just listen to your story. You weren’t born with anxiety. It was picked up somewhere along the way. Our job is to understand where it came from, not to throw clichés at it.

We also provide a place to feel safe, open, and not judged.

Feeling safe is the foundation of anxiety and trauma work. You have to feel safe to heal.

Once we build that and make it solid, we build upon it, brick by brick, until we have a place to grow. We want to understand your point of view. Others’ truths aren’t important to us; yours is. We do everything we can to provide that to all our clients from the first consultation to the closing session.

1920197861We help you ground yourself to combat those surges of adrenaline.

Waves or periodic ups and downs are natural, but you can’t always stay on high alert!

We will work with you on what to do when that warning system is working too hard.

Through mindfulness work, cognitive-behavioral strategies, and even just talking it out step-by-step, we take you to a place where you can let your mind and body rest and feel safe enough not to need the extra adrenaline to get things done.

It’s been a long struggle, and it’s time for it to end.

Anxiety, worry, and panic have been burdens you’ve carried for far too long.

They color everything you see and do. You can set them down and still function – we promise! We’ll show you how to do it.

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